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“Head Chef” Busaba Jewsawusde wasborn in Sattahip, Thailand. She came to the U.S.A. in 1975. Her late great grand mother was the Village Medicine Maker and was also well known as the best home cooking in town. Her mother Mrs. Sompaow Jewsawusde was known for her delicious Thai Desserts through out the Sattahip province. Mrs. Sompaow has 50 years of experience, She is now 83 of age retired and still living with her Husband who is 85 in the province of Sattahip, Thailand. Busaba is proud her parents for the life they are living.
Sattahip is located at the edge of the gulf of Siam (Thailand), which is also near the city of Pattaya, Pattaya is one of Thailand’s other tourist attractions.

Because of her interests in cooking since the age of childhood, although she had studied in Accounting and Business, Airlines Business, Cobol programming and creating Silk flowers.Busaba worked for P.N.M. from 1976 - 1986 a total of 10years then suddenly at last she went and studied the Culinary Arts and quantity Food preparations during her last year with P.N.M.

Busaba who enjoys cooking for family and friends now offers a variety of Thai entrees who’s recipes came from her families own special recipe of ingredients. One of the most populardishes Thai House is known for “Thai House Shrimp” would be Busaba very own culinary creation it is #29 on the menu.

Busaba had also introduce Thai desert to the Albuquerque area one favorite Tapioca with young coconut and sweet rice with mango, be sure to dine in and try one of many House favorites.

We invite you to enjoy a culinary experience that only the Thai House restaurant can give.